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Perman Stoler CHB - About Us

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We have been serving the Alaskan importing community since 1949. We have a staff of 5 and maintain 2 licensed brokers. We are both an ABI (automated broker interface) and ACH (automated clearing house) broker with the Customs Service and run a full networked computer system.

This automation allows and assists us in expediting the process for Customs entry release for port as well as out of port releases. Due to our geographical location and the need to service all ports within Alaska, the Customs Service permits the electronic transmitting of our entry data, with brief facsimile follow-up to ensure cargo release without delays to carriers.

As an automated broker we can provide the electronic transmission of OGA (Other Government Agencies) data requirements; such as, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Communications Commission.

Through our many years of service in Alaska we are continuing to serve and work with the oil industries needs from pipeline construction, to ongoing drilling, exploration, and recovery or cleanup as well as the fishing and building industries. We serve the foreign fuel industry through our appointment as Anchorage’s Foreign Trade Zone Operator and represent importers with a wide variety of special projects.

Perman Stoler CHB - About Us

Alaska’s Premier
Customs Broker

Serving Alaska
Since 1949

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